6 Secrets To Getting Stronger

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Do you know the saying… if you keep doing what you always do,

you’ll keep getting what you’ve always had? When you want to

improve, you just have to push it a little. Make it harder… make

it… uncomfortable! Don’t waste your time… get out

of your comfort zone!


If you are doing the same workout you’ve been doing for months or

even weeks and wondering why you are not getting any stronger,

seeing results, and cannot seem to break your plateau, here are 6

ways to improve your strength. 

 1) Lift a little heavier than you did last time. That’s right,

stop picking up the same pair of dumbbells! It’s okay if you don’t

make it to the same amount of repetitions. Do as many as you can,

and then finish your set with a lighter weight. Keep doing this

until you no longer have to switch to the lighter weight.


 2) You can always add a few more repetitions to your usual set. In

other words… if you usually go to 12 repetitions go to 15.

Remember, the last ones should be hard, not just meet an allocated



3) Shorten your rest periods between sets.


4) Lower the weights more slowly. Make sure you are not using

momentum rather than strength.


5) Move the same amount of weight but make sure you use full range

of motion. (I see this mistake all the time with the bicep curl,

where the arms are not lowered all the way down to the hips)


6) Add an extra set. It’s okay to do 4 sets instead of 3!

You do not have to apply all these techniques at one time. In fact,

you shouldn’t. Try one, and if you keep hitting the wall of no

improvement, try another one. Your muscles do not respond to

improvement if you do not give them a reason or “demand” them to.

This is the principle of overload. 


Remember, never compromise good form. Use a spotter if you need to.

Train safe!


If you are a woman and reading this you do not have to worry that

it is going to make you bulk up. Sorry, you just don’t have that

much testosterone! But it is what you need to tone up, burn fat

and lose cellulite! 


Be Well,


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